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Paintings by Rachel Stofocik

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Southside Branch Library is pleased to exhibit the oil paintings of Santa Fe artist Rachel Stofocik throughout the month of September.

You are welcome to join us on September 8th from 6-7pm for an artist’s reception. Take-home refreshments will be served.


Regarding her artwork, Stofocik writes:

Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote that a “Sonnet is a moment’s monument.” There are so many moments that I desperately want to hold onto in life: watching my daughters’ smiles as they ride boogie boards in the turquoise breaks of the Pacific Ocean, seeing the aspen leaves wink at me as they flutter in the autumnal breeze, and being a part of the pink wave of sisterhood felt in women’s marches throughout the country. Oil painting is a vehicle to capture moments and emotions and honor them. The pieces are never replicas of the subject but rather renditions of the magic I felt in a particular space and time. I feel a strong sense of urgency when I paint especially during these vulnerable times, when all of our favorite forests are on fire, our oceans are littered with plastic and our basic rights hang on the edge of a cliff.

Rachel Stofocik is an independent contractor, oil painter, illustrator and writer. She grew up in Ohio and immediately fell in love with “the green river valley, and the blue bowl” of NM that Rudolfo Anaya described in Bless Me Ultima. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease eight years ago she decided to take up drawing and was then encouraged by mentor, Richard Guzman, to oil paint. Putting paint to the canvas has been her medicine.

She has lived in Santa Fe twice, in the most recent stint, for 12 years. She paints with Lee Rommel at our local Artisan and outside whenever weather permits. She enjoys hiking, biking, and creating with her two daughters and husband. She finds it thrilling whenever someone wants to hang a piece of her work in their home, so please feel free to contact her if that is the case.

You may contact Rachel at or 757-613-5700.


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