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New Catalog: Tips and Tricks Part 2

Part 2: Reading Your Search Results

What’s with the new catalog display that groups items together?

What’s a Title Group?

The new catalog groups all the different formats of the same title together: Book, eBook, Audiobook, eAudiobook, and Large Type, so that you can easily find many versions of the same book. The Title Group is like an umbrella, under which all the formats hang out:

Tips and Tricks

Click on the blue Format button (Book, eBook, etc) to find information about the specific version of the title you’re looking for, including call numbers and copy due dates:

Tips and Tricks

A note about Title Groups: DVDs of films based on a book are not grouped within a Title Group, because they are not actually a matching text.

Similarly, an updated edition of a book or DVD will have its own Title

Freezing holds:
Going on vacation and don’t want to lose your place in line?  Simply place a Freeze on your holds.

1. Log in to My Account.
2. View your holds.
3. Check the box in the Freeze column for each hold that you’d like to freeze.
4. If there is no box to check to freeze the item then the item is not eligible to be frozen. Items that are available, in transit, or on the hold shelf cannot be frozen.
5. Click on Update List.
6. To reactivate your holds, log in to My Account, uncheck your items and click on Update List.

New Catalog: Tips and Tricks Part 1