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Become a Community Storyteller!

$500 stipend to participate


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Littleglobe and SFPL are offering a FREE training program in storytelling and video production for Santa Fe community members who are interested in exploring their own stories to contribute to our Community Storytellers Project. 


During this program, participants will learn basic skills of storytelling and video production to create and share stories of personal relevance and history. Each participant will create a 5-6 minute short video that will be archived with the Santa Fe Public Library.  Workshops will be in English, but we do have Spanish-speaking staff who can work with English Language Learning participants. 


Dates of Program: 

February 3-April 21st, 2023

Fridays, 1-5pm (Workshops)

Work Sessions Tuesdays/Fridays 1-5pm


Participants that attend all six training workshops, at least three of the work sessions, and turn in a final video at the end of the program, will receive a stipend of $500. 


Application DUE January 22, 10pm MST


For questions, please contact Katy Gross: 

or Veronica Aymacana:


¡Conviértete en un Narrador Comunitario!

Estipendio de $500 para participar


   Aplicar aquí


Littleglobe y SFPL ofrecen un programa de capacitación GRATUITO en narración de historias y producción de videos para los miembros de la comunidad de Santa Fe que estén interesados ​​en explorar sus propias historias para contribuir al proyecto de Narradores Comunitarios.


Durante este programa, los participantes aprenderán habilidades básicas de narración y producción de videos para crear y compartir historias de relevancia e historia personal. Cada participante creará un video corto de 5 a 6 minutos que podrá ser agregado al archivo comunitario de la Biblioteca Pública de Santa Fe. Los talleres serán en inglés, pero contamos con personal que habla Español que puede trabajar con los participantes que prefieran crear sus historias su idioma natal.


Fechas del programa:

3 de febrero – 21 de abril de 2023

Viernes, 1-5pm (Talleres)

Sesiones de trabajo martes o viernes 1-5pm


Los participantes que asistan a los seis talleres, al menos tres de las sesiones de trabajo y entreguen un video al final del programa, recibirán un estipendio de $500.


Fecha límite para la solicitud: 22 de enero a las 10 p. m. MST


Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con Verónica Aymacana:



Community Storytellers Project  (formerly Neighborhood Historian Project) addresses the imperative need for community-centered story-gathering, where the process is just as important as the content being recorded. Community members are trained to use professional recording equipment, gather oral histories among their friends and family, edit their recordings into fluid storytelling, and archive their creations in a public digital repository hosted by the Santa Fe Public Library. Through community workshops, storybooths, and one-on-one mentorship with professional filmmakers and storytellers, the Community Storytellers Project seeks empowers Santa Feans to become co-creators of a rich living history, encouraging community dialogue, healing, and the collective determination of where our story goes from here.

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This program is made possible thanks to the Santa Fe Public Library, Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area, Littleglobe,, National Endowment for the Arts, Santa Fe Arts & Culture Program, Manitos Community Memory Project, Capital High School, and the Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library.

Look for upcoming Community Storytellers workshops to join on the SFPL calendar!


Related Projects

Santa Fe’s fourth City Historian, Valerie Rangel, has gathered thoughts and ideas from the community and created ArcGIS Storymaps, which serve as a tool to enhance learning and build more knowledge of our past. This digital learning tool reflects historical truths and uplifts our shared values. The public is invited to explore the Storymaps and browse online resources that include archival photos, historical essays, videos and maps.

One Storymap, A People’s History of Santa Fe, highlights historically significant places within the city and surrounding area, while another Storymap focuses on Layers of Santa Fe, an assembly of maps starting with environmental data, archival maps, interactive data maps, cultural perspectives, and links to other Storymaps. Place-specific historical essays, written by the historian, are being archived in the upcoming Neighborhood Historians Archive, a digital repository of community history being developed by Santa Fe Public Library. The essays are also accessible via hyperlinks embedded within the Storymaps. A third Storymap is a Teacher’s Guide on how to utilize the Storymaps with added resources such as educational videos, K-12 lesson plans, question prompts for students and lists of resources for further information.

During the summer of 2022, the City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department will also share a virtual interactive tool for younger generations which offers perspectives on history and place. The content is meant to spark important conversations about the values of our society and the future society we wish to create.

Layers of Santa Fe

A People’s History of Santa Fe: no me olvides…

Teacher’s Guide (

Ojos Diferentes: A New Way of Exploring the Art and History of Santa Fe

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