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Meeting Rooms

How do I reserve a meeting room at the library?

All libraries have meeting rooms open to individuals or groups whose purpose is not illegal and whose conduct within the library is not objectionable. Use of meeting rooms is subject to the policies and rules outlined on the Library Policies web page. A meeting room contract must also be signed prior to the event. Contracts are available at the Library Policies web page.

Please check with the library for availability of audio-visual equipment.

For Meeting Room Reservations, please call the appropriate library:

Main Library:

(505) 955-6781

Oliver La Farge Branch:

(505) 955-4862

Southside Branch:

(505) 955-2820


  • Main Library Community Room, 75 chairs and 8 folding tables
  • Main Library Pick Room, 10 chairs and 1 conference table
  • Oliver La Farge Branch Community Room, 50 chairs and 4 folding tables
  • Southside Branch Community Room, 90 chairs, 12 folding tables
  • Southside Branch Meeting Room, 24 chairs and 6 square tables

Meeting Room Policy

The library meeting rooms are open to individuals or groups whose purpose is not illegal and whose conduct within the library is not objectionable. The meeting rooms are not available for commercial promotions or talks. Use of the rooms is subject to the following policies and regulations. Please check with the library for availability of audio-visual equipment.

  1. Library sponsored, Friends of the Library sponsored and City of Santa Fe sponsored activities are given priority in consideration of the use of the rooms. The following policies and regulations do not necessarily apply to the Library, Friends of the Library and City of Santa Fe programs or activities.
  2. All other meetings must be open to the public where open participation can be a part of the meeting.
  3. Meeting rooms cannot be used for religious services, but groups wishing to provide informational religious programs open to the public may do so.
  4. All meetings must be free of charge. No materials may be sold, nor donations solicited, at any time by a group using the library meeting rooms. No money shall change hands in the library meeting rooms.
  5. Meeting rooms shall not be used for private parties or events.
  6. Library staff will not be available to make room arrangement changes or to provide services such as operating audio-visual equipment, setting up chairs, making photocopies or handling attendee registration.
  7. The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the public library does not constitute an endorsement by the library of the group’s policies or beliefs.
  8. The library is not to be considered a sponsor. The library’s address may be used to indicate location of the program, but the Library is not to be used as a referral for information about the program. Groups may not use the Library’s phone number as the organization’s contact point.
  9. The booking organization or individual will be held financially responsible for any damage to library facilities and furnishings.
  10. Any group or individual that fails to comply with any of these policies and rules shall be denied future use of library meeting rooms at all locations. Groups or individuals with excessive cancellations or no shows may also be denied use of meeting rooms.

Meeting Room Rules

  1. Meetings must end no later than fifteen minutes before closing at which time the folding chairs and tables must be put away and the room left clean.
  2. Exits are to remain clear.
  3. Rooms may be reserved up to one month in advance of the current date. For example, on February 10 they may be reserved up to and including March 10.
  4. Programs with a noise level which disturbs other library patrons are not allowed.
  5. No refreshments are allowed (except with special permission obtained before the program starts). Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  6. No smoking, no candles, no incense, no lanterns, no fires.
  7. Meetings must be open to the public and be free of charge.
  8. No money may be exchanged, no materials may be sold nor donations solicited.

Click for a printable version of the Meeting Room Policy and Contract

  • Main Library

    145 Washington Avenue
    (505) 955-6781

  • Oliver La Farge Branch

    1730 Llano Street
    (505) 955-4862

  • Southside Branch

    6599 Jaguar Drive
    (505) 955-2820