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Library Policies

Rules Governing the Conduct of Patrons of the Santa Fe Public Library

The Library Board has established these Rules of Conduct so that library users and staff have a clean, pleasant, and safe environment. We need your cooperation to reach this goal.

The following are not permitted in the library:

o Smoking, use of tobacco products, use of electronic smoking devices, with or without nicotine, eating, drinking (except water), solicitation, panhandling, sleeping, fundraising
o Bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, rolling shoes, cleats
o Unattended personal property
o Animals (except service animals or animals in programs sponsored by the Library)
o Unsupervised children 9 years of age or younger (must be accompanied at all times by a person 13 years or older)
o Inappropriate attire (footwear and shirt required) or bodily hygiene so offensive as to create a nuisance to others
o Taking photographs or video without the express permission of the subject(s)
o Disruptive behavior, disrespect of the rights of other patrons and staff, harassment either verbal or through actions
o Damage, mutilation or misuse of library property
o Sexual misconduct, including the viewing or display of sexually explicit materials
o Alcohol, weapons, activities prohibited by law
o Cell phone use that impinges on the rights of others
o Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
o Entering unauthorized areas or remaining in the building when requested to leave
o Tampering with or intentionally damaging library computer hardware or software

RULE VIOLATIONS: Any patron not abiding by these or other rules and regulations of the library may be asked to leave the library premises. Library employees will contact the Santa Fe Police Department if deemed advisable. Any patron who repeatedly violates the library rules and regulations, or who is disruptive, or who engages in criminal behavior on the library premises shall be denied the privilege of access to the library for a period of one (1) to 180 days (6 months) by the Manager or Librarian in charge. Any patron whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Library Director.

The posting of these rules does not prohibit the enforcement of any applicable federal law, New Mexico statutes, or Santa Fe City ordinances as necessary.

SFPL Rules of Conduct Committee July 14, 2014.

Approved by the Santa Fe Public Library Board on August 11, 2015.

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Library Rules of Conduct

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Rules Concerning Unattended Children

Children 9 years of age and younger may not be left unsupervised in the Library. Children 9 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a person age 13 or older while in the library.

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Art Exhibit Information, Guidelines, and Policy

Santa Fe Public Library accepts applications from local artists for consideration of art exhibits. All applicants must live in the city or county of Santa Fe, be eligible for a library card, and follow the Information and Exhibit Guidelines and Art Exhibit Policy

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Meeting Room Policy

The library meeting rooms are open to individuals or groups whose purpose is not illegal and whose conduct within the library is not objectionable. The meeting rooms are not available for commercial promotions or talks. Use of the rooms is subject to the following policies and regulations. Please check with the library for availability of audio-visual equipment.

Please reserve a room at any of our three library locations HERE. 

  1. Library sponsored, Friends of the Library sponsored and City of Santa Fe sponsored activities are given priority in consideration of the use of the rooms. The following policies and regulations do not necessarily apply to the Library, Friends of the Library and City of Santa Fe programs or activities.
  2. All other meetings must be open to the public where open participation can be a part of the meeting.
  3. Meeting rooms cannot be used for religious services, but groups wishing to provide informational religious programs open to the public may do so.
  4. All meetings must be free of charge. No materials may be sold, nor donations solicited, at any time by a group using the library meeting rooms. No money shall change hands in the library meeting rooms.
  5. Meeting rooms shall not be used for private parties or events.
  6. Library staff will not be available to make room arrangement changes or to provide services such as operating audio-visual equipment, setting up chairs, making photocopies or handling attendee registration.
  7. The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the public library does not constitute an endorsement by the library of the group’s policies or beliefs.
  8. The library is not to be considered a sponsor. The library’s address may be used to indicate location of the program, but the Library is not to be used as a referral for information about the program. Groups may not use the Library’s phone number as the organization’s contact point.
  9. The booking organization or individual will be held financially responsible for any damage to library facilities and furnishings.
  10. Any group or individual that fails to comply with any of these policies and rules shall be denied future use of library meeting rooms at all locations. Groups or individuals with excessive cancellations or no shows may also be denied use of meeting rooms.

Meeting Room Rules

  1. Meetings must end no later than fifteen minutes before closing at which time the folding chairs and tables must be put away and the room left clean.
  2. Exits are to remain clear.
  3. Rooms may be reserved up to one month in advance of the current date. For example, on February 10 they may be reserved up to and including March 10.
  4. Programs with a noise level which disturbs other library patrons are not allowed.
  5. No refreshments are allowed (except with special permission obtained before the program starts). Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  6. No smoking, no candles, no incense, no lanterns, no fires.
  7. Meetings must be open to the public and be free of charge.
  8. No money may be exchanged, no materials may be sold nor donations solicited.

Click here to view the Meeting Room Policy

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Policy on Internet Use

In response to advances in technology and the changing needs of the community, the Santa Fe Public Library endeavors to develop collections, resources, and services that meet the cultural, informational, recreational, and educational needs of the community. Free public use of the Internet in the library is a service that expands access to information and resources not readily available in Santa Fe.

Use of the Internet shall be consistent with the Library’s mission, goals, policies, and procedures, and with applicable local, state, federal, and international laws. Inappropriate or illegal use of this resource in the library, including but not limited to infringement of copyright laws, is prohibited and can result in loss of library privileges.

The Santa Fe Public Library endorses American Library Association’s statement on Access To Electronic Information, Services, and Networks. The Santa Fe Public Library does not monitor, and has no control over, the information accessed through the Internet and is not responsible for the nature of nor the accuracy of any information accessed on the Internet. Internet communications are not secure and the library is not responsible for the privacy of electronic communication.

The library is not responsible for inadvertent exposure by minors or adults to potentially offensive material accessed by Internet users on library equipment. The library is not responsible for what a minor or adult may locate on the Internet. As with other library materials, restriction of a minor’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Adopted by the Library Board on January 21, 1997.

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Wireless Internet Policy

General rules regarding computer use still apply to the use of the library’s wireless Internet

You cannot disrupt other patrons as described in the Santa Fe Public Library Policy on Internet Use and Rules Governing Conduct of Patrons.

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Collection Development Policy 

The mission of the Santa Fe Public Library is to inform, enrich, and educate the members of our community by creating and promoting access to diverse ideas and information, and by supporting lifelong learning and reading. In accomplishing its mission, the Library honors the community’s unique cultural heritage and traditions, while preparing its community members for the future. This Collection Development Policy is intended to implement the mission of the Library.

The Library’s goal is to provide the diverse community of Santa Fe with materials that reflect a wide range of views, expressions, opinions, and interests. Library acquisition of an item does not constitute endorsement of its content, but rather makes available its expression.

Click for the complete Collection Development Policy

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